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Window Coverings

Our delux window coverings with blinds and shutters provide a solution for all your window covering requirements.

Our fabrics come with flame retardant properties, block 95% of UV’s, are mould and mildew protected to name a few select features from our product range. These features and our product range can apply for any blind design you wish, including our roller blinds, roman blinds, panel blinds. Our blinds; blockout or privacy screens, are made from the best quality fabrics with sturdy aluminium tubes supporting the top and balance the bottom of the blind.

Our Blinds

They come with a choice of metal or plastic chains that roll this tube up and down which are attached taking into account child safety and ease of use.

All our roller blinds can be motorised by either battery or electric remote control systems from Automate Motors, Somfy Motors and Somfy Battery operated motors that are wire-free.


When we provide advice on your blinds and the way can be mounted is an imperative part of the design, measure, and quote process. How the blind will hang makes a huge difference to the look of your entire room and home. The level of light control and heat can also be affected, so it’s something we need to get right the first time around and this comes with detailed discussion and communication on what you are aiming to achieve at your premises. There are two simplistic ways to fit roller blinds; face fit and recess fit.

Face Fit

Face fit is also known as an ‘outside mount’. This is when a blind is mounted to the outside face of your window architrave.

Recess Fit

A recess fit or ‘inside mount’ is when your blind sits inside your window recess and your architrave is visible.

Working out what is best for you is as simple as speaking with one of our experienced consultants or looking at some key elements listed below.

One or Two blinds on the window

A big question is; will you need light filtering blinds and blockout blinds or just blockout blinds to enhance light control, heat control, and privacy?

For a nice clean fit light filtering blinds slot into the recess to assisted with reduce sunlight, heat exposure and providing privacy during the day. However at night, you want a complete light blockout; to do this we would generally suggest face fit back rolled mounted for this unless there were obstructions in the way.


You will also want to look at obstructions like mullions, handles, locks, knobs cupboards, etc. that may obstruct the blinds movement or the door or cupboard movement.

If recess fit is what you are after ensure your window is set deep enough to accommodate physical obstructions. The rule of thumb that we suggest is to have at least 40mm recess.

Blind Fabrics

Blind fabrics like all fabrics relax over time. Panel blinds and Roman blinds are designs where this can happen. These are fantastic products but you would really want to be looking at installing these as face fit.

Light Blockage

When recess fitting a small amount of light will enter your room even when the blinds are fully closed. This is unavoidable when fitting this way and if that is not an issue, then a recess fit will be magnificent. The light comes about as there needs to room for the mounting bracket and to enable your blinds to operate which creates the gap. So as mentioned above to gain total light blockout and nighttime privacy, in a bedroom or bathroom – then face fit would be the best solution.

Aesthetic Appeal

Face fit can also create the appearance of making your rooms larger than they are. This is also great if you have a single featured window in a room that you want to and create a focal point to.

However, if you have stylish architraves that need showing off or you are going for a clean streamlined effect, recess fit will help make your windows appear slimmer and more discreet.

Ultimately the solution of face fit blinds gives you more flexibility and recess fits are more restricted by some limitations.


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