Veri Shades The Clever Curtain

The style, softness and elegance of curtains with the versatility of blinds makes Veri Shades ideal for sliding doors or french doors.

Veri Shades Melbourne supply and install offers a brand new concept in window furnishings which everyone is loving.   

The old style curtains, they’re elegance, softness, and style is great, but they’re either open or closed.

With Veri Shades they can be closed and still able to walk through the fabric folds without opening the curtains; they can be a blockout blind or a sheer light-filtering blind. This really opens the options of window furnishings on your doorways or windows.

With no weights or chains, you can walk right through them at any position, opened or closed.

How goods that?

Check out the video below, it really shows how magnificent they make a room and their versatility.

You can also contact us for Veri Shades free samples and onsite display.

The Veri Shades soft fabric hangs with elegance and beauty and will suit new or classic interiors. 

The fabric sway out of the way and settles back perfectly each time. This is why they are perfect for creating a soft stylish feature across sliding doors or french doors.

Veri Shades can span up to 5.8 metres.

Delux Blinds is very proud to provide Veri Shades in Melbourne for your home, new or old. Give us a call 0409 171 221 or Contact Us to organise viewing of the fabric samples.


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Veri Functional

Veri Shades for doorways


Veri Shades are made from a magnificently soft fabric with alternating opaque fabric folds.

This new unique patented designed by Veri Shades offers you elegance, versatility of a sheer / privacy curtain. However, with the turn of a wand you easily adjust the Veri Shades to control and adjust light levels or privacy to your desire.

  • Turn the wand one way and the opaque fabrics provides privacy and light blocking.
  • Turn the wand the other way and the mesh fabric lets more light through.
  • Open the folds halfway - filtered light.
  • Draw your Veri Shades right back like curtains for full sunlight.
  • Veri Shades are practical, safe and will complement any home or office.
  • Veri Shades use a single track, offering more space in rooms and only taking up half the space to achieve the same results as curtains.
  • The fabric folds are soil resistant and can be easily taken down and individually washed, or replaced in a matter of seconds.
  • The fabric is UV stabilised so it is resistant to fading.
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Veri Shades Fabrics

Veri Shades Tracks

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