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Outdoor Blinds & Awnings

Outdoor Awnings

Melbourne Auto Awnings

Auto Awnings are a retractable awning with auto spring returns and is on of the most come Outdoor Awnings. These are primarily used keep temperatures cooler by keeping out the sun and UV rays from entering your house. Auto Awnings can assist in reducing electricity bills by up to 25% if you are running air conditioning units.

The Auto Awning Melbourne is the most traditional of the Awning products, running on awning guides attached to your wall.

The Awning arms come in different lengths of distance from the window to ensure they won’t impede a walkway or patio area and still provide a view if a longer arm is used.

They simply operated by pulling straight down by hand or hooked pole. Once the Awning is released the arms lock into place on the guide bars.

Full canvas blockout material can be used, or privacy screen fabrics so you can still see out, but have privacy and protection from the sun on the inside.

Reason to buy

  • Provides shade without shutting out the view
  • They will protect floor coverings & furniture from sunlight
  • Are a very environmentally friendly way to cool your home
  • Provides excellent privacy
  • Increase the value of your property, from there look and insulation qualities
  • Auto awnings will reduce thermal heat gain by 80% and increase the energy performance of your home
  • Modern and traditional fabric ranges to select from, durable and easy to clean
  • Very easy to operated with spring release auto locks when down

Fixed Guide Awning in Melbourne

Fixed Guide Awnings in Ringwood are highly sorted after on high out-of-the-way external windows. Its a quality solution at a low cost to ensure your windows are protected for the suns rays. Spring-operated Fixed Guide Awnings are great, however, Motorised Fixed Guide Awnings are even better and way easier to use.

The Fixed Guide Awning in Melbourne doesn’t have locking arms like the Auto Awnings. It offers a circular guide on the bottom bar which runs up the two metal guide rods on either side of your window. These are generally fixed to the brick work or timber next the window to ensure strong support.This gives the Fixed Guide Awning the flexibility to stop at any height without having to be secure the base rail.

These are really easy operating system. They can be operated internally or externally by rope and pulley for the very high windows. Another great alternative is motor operated Fixed Guide Awnings. These can be operated by remote or wifi hub and control from phone or tablet. You can even set these with timers, so they come down and up as the sun rotates your home.

For ground floor Fixed Guide Awnings the rope and pully system is good, but a better option is the crank winding system the crak system tacks away the hanging or dangling rope.

Reasons to buy

  • Exceptional for high windows
  • Can stop at any height on the guides
  • Secure and stop fixing
  • Can be motorised, spring, rope or crank operated
  • Different sizing L brackets to ensure clearance over window sills
  • Fabric can be canvas or light filtering sun screen fabric
  • Whether Hoods come in 13 different colours
  • Long lasting a durable
  • 30kmh wind rating

Zipscreens in Ringwood

Zipscreens in Ringwood sunshade blinds provide the utmost class and style in outdoor blinds.

Zipscreen’s patented technology and signature zip side retention system, z-LOCKTM has been recognized in the industry for its innovation, functionality and modern design.

Zipscreen is built with integrated zip-guided zLock technology, Zipscreen allows for an ultra-smooth fabric finish, and a completely sealed system. It provides less wind, rain, glare and insects, so your outdoor area is usable all year round. Available up to 5.8 metre widths, and custom-built to fit.

Zipscreen Extreme system offers the ability to achieve up to 7 m widths and up to 35 m2  of coverage. Its robust hardware, specifically made for much larger distances and coverage gives perfect solution for large external applications, domestic or commercial. The extreme Zipscreen system creates a new opportunity to achieve greater, grander, beautiful blinds.


  • protection from wind, rain, sun if fully enclosed
  • in winter they keep the warm air in if you have an outdoor heater or fire place on the deck
  • creates another room outside instead of being stuck inside
  • creates full privacy during the day and partial privacy during the night
  • allows for full view over the pool or garden
  • can be motorised, spring operated or crank handle
  • supports a wide span upto 7m
  • comes with 5 year warranty
  • powdercoated aluminium framing and channels to suit any paint work

Folding Arm Awnings in Ringwood

Some of the most efficient awnings are Folding Arm Awnings.

This folding arm awning system provides quality retractable awnings to add space, shade and style to any outdoor area.

Folding arm awnings in Ringwood and Melbourne can be a great design feature to your home or business and add value to your property while providing significant energy savings by blocking the sun from hitting your windows or outdoor patio area.

The range of affordable folding arm awnings come in many different colours and fabric types to match any home. These awnings are ideal for larger outdoor spaces, perfect for enjoying those warm summer nights.

Folding arm awnings can come with a cassette which completley encloses the blind or without if the roll is protected from the wheather.

Fully enclosed provides a stylish finish.

Folding arm awnings can be motoriesed or crank operated and come with pitch control so you can move the aning with the angle of the sun.


  • quality retractable awnings to add space, shade and style
  • a great design feature to your home
  • add value to your property
  • provides significant energy savings
  • blocking the sun from hitting your windows
  • many different colours and fabric types to match any home.
  • ideal for larger outdoor spaces
  • folding arm awnings can come with a cassette which completley encloses
  • fully enclosed provides a stylish finish
  • folding arm awnings can be motoriesed or crank operated
  • pitch control so you can move the aning with the angle of the sun.
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