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Delux Blinds Referral Partner Program

Want to build your network of trustworthy suppliers? Join our Delux Blinds Referral Partner Program.

Our Referral Partner Program was created for building and design professionals who want to be part of a strong referral network and secure a reliable and trustworthy partner for their client projects.

Who is a great fit for our Referral Partner Program?

Professionals who work in the building and design industries, including:

  • Building and construction companies
  • Interior Designers and Interior Design Firms
  • Architects and Architectural Firms
  • Carpet and Flooring Companies
  • Home Renovation Companies
  • Kitchen and Bath Renovation Companies
  • Cabinet making companies
  • Painting Companies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Reupholsters

How does the Delux Blinds Referral Partner Program Work?
When you become a referral partner with Delux Blinds, we assign a unique Referral Partner Code for you to pass along to your clientele, friends, and family. When someone uses your referral code with Delux Blinds, you receive a direct bank deposit from us for 5% of their first purchase. It’s that easy.

Qualified Referral Partners are also listed on our website as Preferred Referral Partners. This list is accessible to the thousands of people visiting our website and is used as a reference by Delux Blinds Design Team.

How do I become a Qualified Referral Partner?

If you would like to become a referral partner, please email for an application form. Once you complete the form and return it to us, our team will review and create a unique referral partner code for you. You can pass this code to pass on to your customers, or they can simply share your name when they call to set up an appointment.

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