Supply and Install for Builders and Commercial

Property Developers big and small, in the Commercial and Residential space have discussed with us the pressure points when discussing window furnishings with their clients. These can be the right product, right price and whether it is included in the build or on top.

We understand this and can work with either the builder, to ensure the product, quality and price can be included in the build costs; or directly with the property owner or tenant.

Window Furnishings can at times become missed in the design and planning stage of any build. We would advise a discussion on the window furnishings options between the architects, builders and owners, so all are on the same page of what can be done, needs to be down and where the costs come into the build.

Delux Blinds offers a range of services to ensure the Builder can include window furnishings in his pricing prior to build commencing, or we can talk direct with the Builder Architect and Owner prior to build to ensure the product and pricing is factored into the build.

These options and solutions increase their clients value when purchasing, renovating or building a new home or commercial premises. We feel window furnishing catered for in the for Build costs is a must to ensure a great outcome for all parties and costs can be included in financing the build; we can assist from start to finish.

Builders and Developers, Commercial or Residential

For our Builders and Developer clients, in the areas of corporate and residential developments, we complete;

  • Detailed Plan review prior to build commencing to provide tentative pricing, based on the window furnishing and plans
  • Detailed product information for Builder to include in their quotes / tender prior to build.
  • Meet with Builders Client in regards to window furnishings and products
  • Provide a gift voucher to the Client on behalf of the Builder / Developer stating what product and value is included.
  • On-site check measure at close to build completion
  • Manufacture products and complete installation prior to Owners moving in

We feel completing these services helps the Builder price jobs with window furnishings included and still allows for owners to select their own furnishings.

This also assists the Owners by having all build costs, including window furnishings in their building costs, instead having to find extra for blinds or shutters at the end of the job.


Gift Voucher Advantage for small to large developers

Our gift vouchers can be included in the sale of the property to ensure your new owner receives products of their choice within the purchase of their new home from you.

This gives the purchaser the window furnishings they chose, all installed prior to moving in with the cost in included in their required borrowings.

It’s a competitive advantage for developers to provide window furnishings with their properties and in their pricing, with the added value that the new purchaser or tenant can select what they would like.

We can even provide a solution of payment on settlement of the property, but this is subject to T&C.s

Please contact us for further detail as some conditions do apply.


Service Level Agreements

We offer detailed long term Service Level Agreements for medium to larger developers, property and facilities managers, education and medical facilities.

This ensures your requirements and budgets are set to your standards and we are held accountable to price and service levels.

The service included is supply and set time frames on installation and repairs.

Please contact us to discuss further and arrange a time to meet.