Refrigerated Night Blinds

The fridge / night blinds we supply are always made for an easy fit for freezes and refrigerators in supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and any food or beverage facility. With legislation now in for all fridges and cold food storage these systems become required for safe food handling.

The fridge or night blind creates a protective thermal barrier against circulating ambient air. This cover keeps foods colder for longer periods and reduces the need for fridges and freezers overheating.

A night blind helps the internal temperature of the case and the temperature of food items. In stabilizing case temperatures, a the fridge night blind will improve the overall performance and efficiency of your refrigeration system as ambient heat and light is deflected away from the case and cold air is free to circulate inside the case.

The blind systems we offer can be fitted new or retro fitted to refurbished refrigeration cases with hooks to hold down the spring operated blinds. For face fitting we have cassette fridge blinds and for internal fitting we have standard spring operated fridge blinds that can be fitted on the sides of the cases or on the roof.

The night blind fabric incorporates plastic, PVC, cloth linoleum with a perforated woven aluminium material. The woven aluminium is ideal or insulating and filtrating heat from the store.

These night / fridge roller blind systems will reduce energy costs. Will preserve product shelf life and maintain optimum food quality. Food will be protected during power outage and enhance your green credentials. Your bottom line will be improve.

Energy and food control in any cafe, canteen or supermarket is a must, so give us a call to help you.

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Reasons to buy

  • quality fabrics to ensure cold in and energy saved
  • custom made
  • free measure and quote
  • 12 to 14 days from order to install
  • compliant for food storage requirements
  • compliant with health and safety
  • suitable for schools, hospitals, supermarkets, canteens
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