Curtains add a warmth and ambience to your home like no other window furnishing. 

They are a versatile window furnishing that can achieve any desired look by the use of various fabrics, pleats, trims and tracks.

Ringwood Curtain Supplier and Installer, Delux Blinds provide quality fabrics which will also help to insulate your home, keeping you warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer. This investment in window furnishings will not only increase the appearance of your property, it will save you money by reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Best of all, these savings to you will also assist in a small way to also helping the environment.

Delux Blinds offer an extensive selection of quality fabrics and designs for you to choose from as well as expert consultants to help you design your ideal curtain. This is backed by second to none manufacturing, followed by the best, caring installers.

Types of Curtains


Whether your looking for classic elegance, eclectic chic or a modern contemporary feel, Drapes provide colour and impact to every room.

In addition to the exciting and endless visual opportunities they offer, there are many practical reasons which make Drapes a wise choice.

Drapes provide excellent light control, privacy and reduce outside noise levels, allowing you to effortlessly and effectively control your environment depending on the occasion and your mood.

Being one of the best window treatments at improving your home’s insulation, Drapes can preserve up to 20% of the total heat in your home. That's great for everyone!

Drapes are most suited in bedrooms for great light and heat control. They also suit tall windows in a formal lounge or dining suite and can work well with matching pelmets or built in pelmets. Decerotive tracking can set your Drapes apart from all others.


Sheers or Sheer Curtains

Sheers are lightweight light filtering fabrics which drape softly over your windows creating an amazing setting and of cool ambience and elegance.

Sheer Curtains diffuse sunlight and add warmth to your home. They let the beautiful daylight through your windows whilst providing privacy.

These are perfect to use on their own or in a layered window solution. Delux Blinds have used Sheer Curtains layered over the top of recessed or face fitted Roller Blinds.

For a real modern look they can be used over Plantation Shutters to add a modern element of texture and movement.

Heading / Pleat 

Here are a few of our most popular heading / pleat styles for Drapes and Sheer Curtains.

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Curtain Rods and Tracks

Curtain rods come in a large selection of colours and sizes.  

We offer decorator rods and also a large variety of tracks both manual, cord and motorised.

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Manual Curtain Tracks

Suitable for residential and professional use which offers the best solutions for all curtain types and fabrics.

These can be cord operated or hand traversed with a flick stick or wand if you don't like cords.



Motorised Curtain Tracks

With the guarantee of excellent longevity, our motorised curtain tracks offer you quality and smooth performance. 

This is really great for tall windows, modern settings, dance halls, stages, bedrooms and anywhere you need a cool modern track for curtain operation.

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