Fixed Guide Awning Melbourne

Fixed Guide Awnings are highly sort after on high out fo the way external windows. Its a quality solution at a low cost to ensure your windows are protected for the suns rays.

The Fixed Guide Awning Melbourne doesn't have locking arms like the Auto Awnings. It offers a circular guide on the bottom bar which runs up the two metal guide rods on either side of your window. These are generally fixed to the brick work or timber next the window to ensure strong support.This gives the Fixed Guide Awning the flexibility to stop at any height without having to be secure the base rail.

These are really easy operating system. They can be operated internally or externally by rope and pulley for the very high windows. Another great alternative is motor operated Fixed Guide Awnings. These can be operated by remote or wifi hub and control from phone or tablet. You can even set these with timers, so they come down and up as the sun rotates your home.

For ground floor Fixed Guide Awnings the rope and pully system is good, but a better option is the crank winding system the crak system tacks away the hanging or dangling rope.

Reasons to buy

  • Exceptional for high windows
  • Can stop at any height on the guides
  • Secure and stop fixing
  • Can be motorised, spring, rope or crank operated
  • Different sizing L brackets to ensure clearance over window sills
  • Fabric can be canvas or light filtering sun screen fabric
  • Whether Hoods come in 13 different colours
  • Long lasting a durable
  • 30kmh wind rating
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